Brief Insecurity

Not one to whine - but sometimes the difference between what I've learned, vs. what I used to think, vs. where we are as a whole, vs. where we are potentially heading...leaves me with this feeling that I can only put to words using a movie analogy:

I feel like Neo must have felt, after having woken up in his personal tub of goo, after pulling away the sustaining, parasitic tubes; after wondering what the hell he was supposed to do then, suspended there so high in the vast, towering network of other people precariously sleeping in their own tubs of goo.

Except - I'm not Neo - I'm just some poor inconsequential schmuck, and there's.. really no one expecting me on this other side. And when the giant mechanical squid comes to toss me into the pool, left trying to swim with my feeble, atrophic arms, there is no Nebuchadnezzar to fish me out at the last second, infusing my transformation with a plan or a real purpose. And even if I managed to swim instead of sink, said to-hell with waiting for a purpose, and created my own - what then?

My brief insecurity is that we're not just stuck in those tubs of goo living the lie, but at worst living in the same defeatist way that Cypher wanted to even when presented with the knowledge that it was a lie.  That at best it's just a handful of us splashing around in that pool of enfeebled realization while the Nebuchadnezzars, the Morpheus', the Zions of our world are only tolerated to exist in-so-much as they allow us to "express" our dis-contempt but never actually, fundamentally, change the structure of the established system.

That even this is just another method of control as the Architect described - where we huddle around together in the comfort of our achieved understanding but that, ultimately, it is meaningless in the stranglehold that the status-quo already finished establishing decades and centuries ago. The Morpheus' come, and they motivate, but once they motivate too well, they are killed.  The Nebuchadnezzars come, and they might fish out a few important people, but they are eventually destroyed.  The Zions might even rise, and organize with them many followers, but those too are eventually disbanded or destroyed or worse - placated just long enough until a mutation occurs - that is - until the system simply re-invents another innocuous way of establishing the same control.

"Wake up!" - Zach continues to chant...

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  1. And then of course I stumble upon http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_rifkin_on_the_empathic_civilization.html, and hope is temporarily restored...